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{{Hatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}
The institution of the Papacy is the religious center of the [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] faith, a moral authority for all Catholic nations. It is 'located' in the Papal States, but is separate from the country and will can reform elsewhere by event if the country no longer existsvia event for any Catholic theocracy with more than one province. Cardinals now appear at random or appear via events in provinces with at least 10 Development. Each country can have at most 7 cardinals. One nation is designated the current '''Papal Controller''', also known as the '''Curia Controller''', earning bonuses and able to use its power diplomatically (see below).
Papacy can be disabled if the Papal States form the [[Papal State#Declare the Kingdom of God|Kingdom of God]], or if any orthodox nation [[Byzantine_missions#Restore_the_Pentarchy|restores the pentarchy]].
The selection of cardinals tends to favors countries whose wealth is concentrated in a few valuable provinces, rather than spread out over many poorer ones.
Cardinals can only be elected from provinces on the same continent as the Papal States (usually Europe). If the Papal state does not exist, this restriction is removed. Cardinals can be selected from vassals but they cannot be selected from Colonial nations.
===Cardinal acquisition ===
| align=right | {{red|−100}} yearly || as [[File:Revolution target.png|28px]] [[revolution target]]<ref name=static />
* converting a province gives papal influence on completionequal to the development of the converted province.
Also the following ideas increase papal influence:
{{bonus table|papal influence}}
Additionally, implemented [[decisions]] and [[events]] can give gains or losses to papal influence. One of the possible requests for a seat in [[Parliament]] is '''Send Delegation to Holy See''', which will buy that seat's vote at a cost of 10 papal influence.
The yearly change of papal influence is affected by the opinion of the Papal state towards a country, namely by 0.5% times this opinion. If the Papal state does not exist, this modifier is always zero.
::<math>\text{yearly papal influence} = \left(1 + \frac\text{opinion of the Papal state}{200}\right)\sum \text{modifiers}</math>

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