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Fixed capitals: update for 1.19
=== Fixed capitals ===
{{SVersion|1.19}}Some countries have a so-called "fixed capital" defined. This is usually a province considered absolutely integral to the nation. For example, the nation of [[Ulm]] has the Ulm province as its fixed capital, and the Papal State has Roma. The AI cannot move its capital away from its this fixed capital. Until [[patch 1.10]] this also applied to the player. An AI controlled nation with fixed capital that does not own this province will move its capital for free to this province as soon as it owns the province.Full list of fixed capital countries as of [[patch 1.15]]:
* {{flag|Novgorod}}
* {{flag|Nuremberg}}
* {{flag|Odoyev}}
* {{flag|Oldenburg}}
* {{flag|Orleans}}
* {{flag|Pisa}}
* {{flag|Polotsk}}
* {{flag|Provence}}
* {{flag|Pskov}}
* {{flag|Quito}}
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