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Every country has a '''capital''' [[province]], which acts as center of government. A nation's capital is generally its most important province, and consequently the capital affects, and is affected by, many mechanics throughout the course of a game. For example, countries with capital provinces located within the bounds of the [[Holy Roman Empire]] are automatically given membership in the Empire.
== Purpose & effects ==
The capital province gets:<ref>See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}} ([[Static modifiers#Capital City]]).</ref>
{{#lst:Static modifiers|Capital}}
Players owning the [[Wealth of Nations]] expansion may move their main trading port to a new province at the cost of 200 Diplomatic points.
Players owning the [[Common Sense]] expansion have development cost reduction in their capital city, proportional to the country-wide development. For every 20 development, capital gets a 1% reduction, up to a maximum of 50% (1000 total development).* '''For government [[envoy]]s''': [[Colonists]], and [[diplomats]] and [[missionaries]] all return to the capital when they are unassigned, and the time taken to return depends on the distance from their target to the capital.
==Moving the capital==
A country can move its capital to another province from the province interface by selecting the [[File:Move_capital.png|28px]]blue crown in the upper left corner.
* It costs at least 200 {{icon|dip}} diplomatic power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the trade capital.
* The capital can only be moved to any province on which the player has a different [[continentcore]] if said continent has at least 1/3 of your total number of provinces. {{red|and is inside a [[NOT developmentstate]]}}* The capital can only be moved from a non-colonial region to another continent a [[colonial region]] if either you have only your current capital is the last state province on a your current continent OR you only have less then 4 provinces.
* The province in which the player wants to move the capital to must have at least the same amount of development of the current capital or the cost will be higher than the minimum.
* A [[Holy Roman Empire]] member cannot move its capital to a non-imperial province, nor can a non-member move its capital to an imperial province.
== Capital area ==
The '''capital area''' includes all provinces of a country which have a land connection only through the country’s own provinces to the capital. [[Straits]] count as land connection.

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