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Casus belli

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Choosing a CB: corrected some info
Conquest is ordinarily the easiest CB to get by simply [[fabricate|fabricating]] a [[claim]], but also the least useful. Taking more than a few too much provinces with Conquest can quickly result in a large [[coalition]] being formed against the player due to [[Aggressive Expansion]] (AE). It is still desirable to forge claims before fighting, in order to reduce coring cost and time, and the diplomatic point cost.
* Holy War and Cleansing of Heresy work on any heathen or heretic, which also removes diplomatic point cost for taking any province, and are both unlocked by the first Religion idea.
* Overseas Expansion, from completing the Expansion idea group, gives greatly reduced AE when fighting Asian and African nations (but is only available if in the Western, Eastern or Ottoman [[tech group]]).

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