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Casus belli

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'''Casus belli''' is a Latin term meaning ''case of war''. In [[Europa Universalis IV|the game]], a country with a casus belli (commonly known as just "CB") on another country is deemed to have a valid cause for war. When [[Declaration of War|declaring war]], the player is presented with a list of available CBs. They may pick a CB from the list or choose to declare war without a casus belli and accept the penalties of {{red|+30 }} agressive expansion}} and {red|-2}} {{icon|stability}} stability
Each casus belli has a particular '''war goal''' associated with it, generally either controlling a particular province or winning a certain proportion of battles. Meeting the war goal will cause the war score of whichever side has achieved it to gradually rise (up to a max bonus of 25% at a rate of +0.4% per month). The casus belli also determines what peace terms may be demanded at no or reduced [[Diplomatic Power]] cost. Extracting additional concessions beyond those of the original CB ('''unjustified demands''') will cost {{icon|dip}} diplomatic power to be demanded.

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