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updated to 1.18
The ''Production Interface'', or as it is more commonly known - the ''Macro-builder'', is a button located under the left side of the country crest at the top-left corner of the in-game screen.
* Estates are displayed with color-coded ({{green|green}} / yellow / {{red|red}}) {{icon|estate loyalty}} loyalty, {{icon|estate influence}} influence and {{icon|estate territory}} estate territory.
* Hovering shows loyalty decay, influence modifiers break-down and a list of estate controlled provinces (an expanded tooltip as well).
* Choosing an estate will color-code non-estate provinces with ({{green|green}} / {{red|red}}) stripes. Estate controlled provinces will be colored according to their estate and display the amount of influence they grant to that estate, the province's current autonomy, and the amount of development in each category. Hovering over non-estate provinces shows effects of grant on the estate and estate effects on the province if it's potentially accepted; acceptance modifiers if it's potentially denied and revocation date if it's an estate controlled provinces.

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