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If the Ottomans choose to go {{icon|Orthodox}} Orthodox or {{Icon|Catholic}} Catholic ''Religious'' ideas may be a good choice as ''Deus Vult'' yields the ''Holy War'' casus belli making the acquisition of territories east or south of the Ottomans free from the use of diplomatic points. ''Administrative'' ideas may be required to defray the administrative point impact so much coring requires. The bonus missionary {{icon|missionaries}}{{green|+1}}, missionary strength {{icon|missionary strength}}{{green|+3}} and {{icon|missionary strength vs heretics}}{{green|+2}} will be of great help in maintaining Ottomans {{icon|religious unity}} religious unity.
== Ottoman Sultanate ==
The Ottoman Sultanate is a unique government type for the Ottomans that ensures that there will never be a lack of heirs for the Ottoman Ruler, an event that triggers when the current ruler is 30 years and 6 months old let the player choose which heir he wants for the throne, being able to view their monarch stats prior to the choice.
The Ottoman Sultanate has the following benefits:
* {{icon|legitimacy}} {{green|+0.25/+0.5/+0.5}} Yearly legitimacy
* {{icon|unjustified demands}} {{green|-10%}} Unjustified demands
* {{icon|states}} {{green|+8}} States
* {{icon|autonomy}} {{green|0/0/-0.05}} Monthly autonomy change
== Achievements ==

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