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Moving the capital: fully updated to 1.18
==Moving the capital==
A country can move its capital to another province from the province interface by selecting the [[File:Move_capital.png|28px]]blue crown in the upper left corner.
* It costs 200 {{icon|adm}} administrative power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the capital. Cost is increased by 0.5 {{icon|adm}} administrative power for every point of development of the country.
* The capital cannot can only be moved to another continent unless it is the last province in its current a different [[continent]] and if said continent has no neighboring at least 1/3 of your total number of provinces.{{red|[NOT development]}}
* A [[Holy Roman Empire]] member cannot move its capital to a non-imperial province, nor can a non-member move its capital to an imperial province.
If the main trade port is in the capital, moving the capital will move trade ports as well.
'''Tactical moving of trade capital'''For some countries, it can be effective to move their trade capital to another continent or region. For example, moving closer to a more valuable trade node so you lose the 50% trade collection malus. Moving your capital to a province is also an easy way to enact a decision for culture shifting. You can culture shift to any culture given that this culture is the dominant culture of your nation.
Additionally, moving your capital will reset the autonomy to {{green|0%}} in the selected province.

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