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{{hatnote|For the area, see [[European_regions#Ireland|Ireland (area)]].}}
'''Ireland''' is a formable nation in the British Isles. It is usually created from one of the four eight Irish OPMs, and is a good step up for them. Unlike many other formable nations, however, it does not guarantee being anything more than a regional power. With only five provinces that the formation affects, Ireland can be one of the weaker nations. That said, it does have a chance to be strong, especially in the [[New World]].
== Formation ==
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[[File:Form_Irish_Nation_Requirements.png== Nation specific achievements =={{Achievement|thumbLuck of the Irish|The formation requirements Own and nations capable of forming Ireland based have cores on the British Isles as an an Irish nation.|link=on a 1444 start]]}}</div>{{Country navbox|Europe}}
== Irish exodus strategy ==
Only [[Connacht]] can get sufficient colonial range at diplomatic tech level 7 to reach Greenland without a Navigator advisor (and with a [[navigator]] their first colony can be in Newfoundland). Since [[Scotland]] will rival [[Norway]] it may be possible to take and core an Icelandic province and skip the Greenland colony. Any location in Gulf of St Lawrence makes a good capital, as trade can be transferred there from anywhere in North America. The Caribbean has the highest base [[tax]] and is guaranteed to have rich trade goods. Be wary of setting up in a location that will soon put Ireland in proximity to [[Spain]] or [[Portugal]] as they will not be shy about attacking when Ireland is still small.
With this route, England might follow in Irish footsteps and start colonizing near. Remember to seize a not-fully developed colony in a war then send a [[colonist]] there to automatically change [[religion]] and [[culture]]. Be wary of the English navy and the possibility of England sending transports across the Atlantic Ocean. Settling in a few locations can minimise minimize the harm they can do.  Be patient, build up to force limits, manpower and income, and strike back when ready. The key is to be patient and to strike back only when stronger army and manpower wise. == Forming Ireland as Desmond ==As of version 1.16, Ireland has been divided into many more provinces. Thus, Ireland is divided into more nation-states, making it arguably much easier to form. [[Desmond]] starts off with a unique set of ideas, a semi decent ruler and a more defensible location.
Be patientThe player should begin by immediately building a spy network in either [[Thomond]] or [[Leinster]] and fabricating a claim once you have a large enough spy network. Whichever the player fabricates said claim on should be the one with the least alliances. Once the player has annexed either, build the player should begin to slowly expand up to forcelimits, manpower and income, and strike back when readythe northernmost part of Ireland. The key It is recommended that the player take espionage ideas to be patient weaken neighboring nations and to strike back only when stronger army and manpower wisemore easily fabricate claims. The player should also focus on making sure that [[England]] or [[Scotland]] don't take over by way of vassalization, because it may become very difficult to expel them later in the game.
== Nation specific achievements =={{Achievement|Luck of Once the player has finished uniting Ireland, the Irish|Own and have cores player should either should either focus on taking the Scottish Highlands or possibly taking over all of the British Isles as an an Irish nation.|link=If the player does not wish to go this route, then the player should focus on}}{{Country navbox|Europe}}colonizing North America or the Caribbean.
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