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Irish exodus strategy
== Irish exodus strategy ==
One of the fairly unique advantages to playing as an Irish minor is proximity to the virgin territory of the Americas. If attacking England is not an option the Irish can flee to the [[New World]]. Having a [[capital]] outside Europe as a Western country provides a huge advantage: every colonized province on that continent will start with no [[autonomy]] and will not form [[colonial nations]]. However, only single province countries are allowed to move their capitals to a different continent. This can be worked around this by releasing one of the other minors as a [[vassal]] and selling them any European provinces once there is a foothold on another continent. Colonial nations will form after coring five provinces in one colonial region so move the capital before that.
Only [[Connacht]] can get sufficient colonial range at diplomatic tech level 7 to reach Greenland without a Navigator advisor (and with a [[navigator]] their first colony can be in Newfoundland). Since [[Scotland]] will rival [[Norway]] it may be possible to take and core an Icelandic province and skip the Greenland colony. Any location in Gulf of St Lawrence makes a good capital, as trade can be transferred there from anywhere in North America. The Caribbean has the highest base [[tax]] and is guaranteed to have rich trade goods. Be wary of setting up in a location that will soon put Ireland in proximity to [[Spain]] or [[Portugal]] as they will not be shy about attacking when Ireland is still small.
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