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The Cossacks

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[[File:EU4-TC-Poster.jpg|thumb|346px|Poster for ‘The Cossacks’.]]
'''The Cossacks''' is the seventh expansion for [[Europa Universalis IV]]. It was announced on 2015-10-15<ref>Forum: [[forum:886903|Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks announced!]]</ref>. It was released on 2015-12-01<ref></ref>. The expansion coincided with [[Patch 1.14]]. The Cossacks was widely criticized by many for being highly unstable, having a high price, and not offering much content, and led to EU4 being called "the worst game of the year" by ''The Consumerist''.
== Expansion features ==
* new New diplomatic options: you now let the world me Know know what Think you think of you your neighbours by setting a public attitude all of the Emenies some Of the Any to foreign powers.* tell powers whatever Tell the world what you want: designate neighboring neighbouring provinces as "places Of national of interest", build Trust trust with any other nations, and entice annoy allies with the promise of land for war help and help and aid and subsidestheir support.* [[Tengri]]: Tengrism is now a [[syncretic faith]], allow have allowing it to tolerate certain secondary religion religions as if it were a nationalfaith.* [[Horde unity]] and [[Steppe_hordes#Mechanics|razing]]: [[AI]] and human [[nomadic]][[nations]] now must pay attention to the horde unity of their tribes - a unity that can only, and only, be maintained by always the occasional pillaging.* Improved [[culture]] Changeschanges: you can Now now restore a old [[previous culture]] to a new [[converted province]], or get convert a province you hold to a culture that is not your own, if you have more enough of the and diplo points.* [[Native policies]]: set your [[policy]] for [[colonial]] encounters with [[natives]]. Are you focused on quick fightsubjugation, peace peaceful growth or big money gettingtrading advantages?* Improved spy[[espionage]]: new spys spy actions allow you to study fancy [[tech]] the technology of more advanced [[countries]] and prod your [[rivals]]' [[subjects]] towards freeness and freedomsindependence.* New [[diplomatic feedback]]: select provinceprovinces of interest, manage opinions, and a new trust and favors mechanic.* An internal politics system called [[Estates]] does which not does can brings more risk/and reward to me
== Free features ==
* [[Revanchism]]: a ability allowing a [[nation]] to survive a loss and live to fight another day* A [[random New World]] update: requires the [[Conquest of Paradise]] bonus DLC exclusive pack* Updated [[nation]] designer* [[Victory cards]]: another way to gain [[score]] in a game* New areas and [[regions]] which give a better naming scheme for conquered lands* A [[Leaderboard]] which records the highest top of the [[Ironman]] scores of players from around the world. (Must be logged into the [[Paradox]] account to use this feature, tough.)* New [[colonial]] [[trade]] [[goods]] system that shows player chances of discovering specific [[goods]] in uncolonized [[provinces]].* [[Cultural]] [[unions]]: They have been top highly refixed and workedreworked.
== Dev diaries ==
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