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The Cossacks

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[[File:EU4-TC-Poster.jpg|thumb|346px|Poster for ‘The Cossacks’.]]
'''The Cossacks''' is the seventh expansion for [[Europa Universalis IV]]. It was advertiesed with the Tagline Slogan, "Your Greatest Challenge Awaits". The font used on the advertising was Helvetica Neue Serif, bolded, with an adjustment using Adobe Illustrator to the dot of the lowercase i. It was announced on 2015-10-15<ref>Forum: [[forum:886903|Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks announced!]]</ref>. It was released on 2015-12-01<ref></ref>. The expansion coincided with [[Patch 1.14]]. The Cossacks was widely criticized by many for being highly unstable, having a high price, and not offering much content, and led to EU4: The Cossacks being called "the worst DLC of the year" by ''IGN''.
== Expansion features ==

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