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The Cossacks

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Expansion features: Fixed error.
* new diplomatic options: you now let the world Know what you Think of you by setting attitude to all of the Emenies or some Of the Any foreign powers.
* tell the powers whatever you want: designate neighboring provinces as "places of national interest", build Trust with any other nations, and entice or annoy allies with the promise of land for their war help and help and aid and subsides.
* [[Tengri]]: Tengrism is now a [[syncretic faith]], allowing it allow to have secondary religion as if were a national faiths.
* [[Horde unity]] and [[Steppe_hordes#Mechanics|razing]]: [[AI]] and [[human]] [[nomadic]] [[nations]] now attention to the horde unity of their tribes - a unity that can only, and only, maintained by always .
* Improved [[culture]] Changes: you can Now restore a old [[culture]] to a new [[province]], or get a province you hold to a culture that is your own, if you have diplo points.
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