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The Cossacks

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Free features: Various fixed, explanations.
== Free features ==
* [[Revanchism]]: a ability allowing a [[nation ]] to survive a loss and live to fight another day* A [[random New World]] update: requires the [[Conquest of Paradise]]bonus DLC exclusive pack* Updated [[nation ]] designer* [[Victory cards]]: another way to gain [[score ]] in a game* New areas and [[regions ]] which give a better naming scheme for conquered lands* A [[Leaderboard]] which records the highest top of the [[Ironman ]] scores of players from around the world. (Must be logged into the [[Paradox ]] account to usethis feature, tough.)* New [[colonial ]] [[trade ]] [[goods ]] system that shows [[player ]] chances of discovering specific [[goods ]] in uncolonized [[provinces]].* [[Cultural ]] [[unions ]]: They have been top highly reworkedrefixed and worked.
== Dev diaries ==
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