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{{idea group
|tradition1={{green|+1%|back}} Missionary Strength vs Heretics
|tradition2={{green|-1|back}} National Unrest
|idea1=Mother of All Cities
|idea1effect={{green|+1|back}} Yearly Prestige
|idea2=Heritage of the Rus'
|idea2effect={{green|+1|back}} Diplomatic Reputation
|idea2icon=Diplomatic reputation
|idea3=Fending Off the Invaders
|idea3effect={{green|+15%|back}} Fort Defense
|idea4effect={{green|+10%|back}} Production Efficiency
|idea4icon=Production efficiency
|idea5=Center of Orthodox Church
|idea5effect={{green|+1%|back}} Global Missionary Strength<br>
:{{green|+1|back}} Tolerance of True Faith
|idea5icon=Missionary strength
|idea6=Support Local Traders
|idea6effect={{green|+1|back}} Merchant
|idea7=One To Rule Them All
|idea7effect={{green|+10%|back}} National Tax Modifier
|idea7icon=Global tax modifier
|bonus={{green|+10%|back}} Morale of armies
'''Kiev''' is a nation in the Ukrainian region. It does not exist in the 1444 start, although it has [[cores]]. It can be released due to [[rebels]] or as part of a war. Like other countries with Ruthenian primary cultures, it can form [[Ruthenia]] if it meets the other conditions.
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