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Every country has a '''capital''' [[province]], which acts as center of government. A nation's capital is generally its most important province, and consequently the capital affects, and is affected by, many mechanics throughout the course of a game. For example, countries with capital provinces located within the bounds of the [[Holy Roman Empire]] are automatically given membership in the Empire.
Players owning the [[Wealth of Nations]] expansion may move their main trading port to a new province at the cost of 200 Diplomatic points.
Players owning the [[Common Sense]] expansion have development cost reduction in their capital city, proportionnal to the country-wide development. For every 20 development, capital gets a 1% reduction.
* '''For government [[envoy]]s''': [[Colonists]], [[diplomats]] and [[missionaries]] all return to the capital when they are unassigned, and the time taken to return depends on the distance from their target to the capital.
==Moving the capital==
* It costs 200 {{icon|adm}} administrative power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the capital. Cost is increased by 0.5 {{icon|adm}} administrative power for every point of development of the country.
* The capital cannot be moved to another continent unless it is the last province in its current [[continent]] and has no neighboring provinces.
* A [[Holy Roman Empire]] member cannot move its capital to a non-imperial province, nor can a non-member move its capital to an imperial province.
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