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The arch -nemesis of Ireland, and the goal of this achievement. Even with your increased strength, you can't hope to beat the red juggernaut by yourself, they . They have more than three times your army, almost unlimited funds, and one of the best navies on Earth. You're going to have to prepare. First, annex your two vassals, the automatic cores and income increase will be welcome. Then, ally Castile, they have no love for England, and will be a welcome ally. Even with all of your newly -annexed cores, you will still only have an army of about 20 regiments, and England has almost twice that. However, you don't need an army to beat them. Select the Espionage idea group, and poor pour all of your monarch points into the ideas. First, sow discontent into England, as they will likely be highly unstable due to their wars and unique events.Then, support Lollard Heretics, time it all correctly, and Lollard Heretics will break with increased numbers, a bonus if England gets into a war. Then, declare war, hide behind the rebels, and let the army chase them around England while you loot their valuable provinces. Park your navy right into the Ayrshire Strait to prevent England's armies from going after your provinces. Your allies will also being moving north to assist you in your war, England's allies will be distracted with whatever other war is being fought. Once you gain enough warscore, order the release of Essex, Cornwall, Northumberland, and Wales. Vassalize all 4 of them. After that, once the truce is up, keep attacking and biting off provinces, until England is destroyed. Finally, diplo-annex your vassals, and you will own the entire British Isles.

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