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Patch 1.14.X

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'''Patch 1.14.X''' are all patches beginning with 1.14. There has have been one three 1.14.X hotfix patch patches so far.
=== Changelog ===
* Nerfed Putting out System Event for Burghers.
* Fixed a Burgher event that could trigger without Burgher owned provinces despite requiring that to work.
* Province Conversion Mission should not target Dhimmi provinces.
* Fixed useless go to siege view icon appearing in unit interface.
* Fixed selecting army in a siege sometimes selecting the siege instead.
* Fixed an issues where forts from the Cossacks Content Pack would not appear..
* Fixed issue with some heirs refusing to grow up due to wrongly set birth date.
* Reduced size of rebels somewhat in countries that don't have large forcelimits (huge empires still get the same amount as before).
1.14.2 is a hotfix released with the checksum 4c2641a0.<ref>Forum: [[forum:894642/#post-20307193|Patch 1.14.2 - Checksum 4c2641a0]]</ref> === Changelog ===* Added missing superregion scope trigger.* Dialogs once again will not unpause the game when they are closed.* Dishonoring a Call to Arms now correctly decreases Trust.* Fixed a CTD related to monarchs.* Fixed allies in war not getting Aggressive Expansion when getting provinces.* Dynamic Province Names now work as expected again. ==1.14.3==1.14.3 is a hotfix released with the checksum f611.<ref>Forum: [[forum:894642|Hotfix 1.14.3 - Checksum f611]]</ref> === Changelog ===* Rewrote monarch leader code in a fashion that should prevent any further crashes from this.* Fixed crash when selecting a second save game in start menu.* Fixed getting double AE when feeding vassals provinces in peace deals.* Fixed triggers for province group/superregion (for real this time).* Random New World provinces will now always have a native type (lacking this prevented them from having native uprisings).* Fixed: Local iromman saves weren't being backed up.* Fixed CTD for NULL controller area in GetEffectiveDistance.* Fixed: Explorers stopped exploring and unable to use them.* Fixed CTD when AI adds estates in a country that can't have them.* Blocked adding provinces to estates that don't exist in a country. ==1.14.4==1.14.4 is a hotfix released with the checksum e1a1.<ref>Forum: [[forum:894642|Hotfix 1.14.4 - Checksum e1a1]]</ref> 
=== Changelog ===
Changelog will * Fixed CTD when auto-processing events with zero valid event options.* Fixed a OpenGL crash when loading RNW save* idea_group level trigger now works again* Fixed broken native assimilation bonus.* Fixed CTD in the swap_free_idea_group effect.* Fixed problem in which AI would lose trust because you couldn't return a core you've already selected to be added here soonceded to them in a peace offer.* Fixed crash on Mac when posting telemetry on low latency connection.* Blocked exploit where you could create super-powered custom nation ideas.* Greenland is no longer part of any colonial region.* Will attempt to reload textures that failed loading earlier, helping with disappearing UI bug.
== References ==
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