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Benefits: Update 1.14
The Curia Controller will gain the following bonuses:<ref>See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}} ([[Static modifiers#Curia controller]]).</ref>
{{#lst:Static modifiers|CuriaController}}
=== Excommunicate ===
The Curia controller can excommunicate an enemy any time before 1650. This requires the enemy to be Catholic, and for the [[Papal States]] to have a {{red|negative}} opinion of the target. If the Papal States do not exist this requirement is waived and the Curia Controller can excommunicate any Catholic ruler. Excommunication gives every other Catholic nation a [[Casus Belli]] against them and increases yearly decay of prestige.
=== Call a crusade ===
The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target any time before 1650. This target must be a [[heathen]] and the [[Papal States]] must have an opinion of {{red|-50}} of the target. Catholic nations that border the crusade target receive a [[Casus Belli]] against it, and ''all'' Catholic nations at war with the crusade target receive bonuses to [[manpower]], [[Morale of armies|morale]], [[prestige]] and yearly papal influence while they are at war with them, controls at least 1 province owned by the crusade target and the Army Maintenance slider is at maximum. Crusades may no longer be called after 1650, but if a crusade called before 1650 hasn't expired yet, it will continue to stay in effect until 30 years have passed since its start, as before.

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