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The Irish Wars
===The Irish Wars===
The first war will usually go the same way, two OPMs and Scotland vs. You, an OPM, and England.
Leinster, Tyrone, and Connaught all start with 5 regiments, while Munster starts with 4 regiments and a general. It is important that you select whichever province is your wargoal, and start sieging it before your allies do. Once you do that, blockade it, and wait. Scotland will likely be too tied up with England to notice much. Your ally will likely move in to assist you in your siege. After you finally occupy your wargoal, move in and start pillaging whichever province you DON'T intend to annex in this war. By now, England will have utterly crushed the Scottish army and will have started occupying Scottish provinces. At this point, it is necessary to start sueing for peace, so that England doesn't get too rich off of pillaging. Once peace has been secured, you should have 2 of the 5 provinces necessary to form Ireland. At this pointNow, you should have an influx of gold from pillaging, which is good. It's time to put this gold to good use. England will likely now have been sucked into a war with France or Castile. One of the Irish national ideas is better rebel support, so use that new gold amount to support Meathian Seperatists, as England will be eating war exhaustion and taking stability hits from dying leaders.
Once the truce is up, (or even during, as coalitions on the British isles are pretty rare). Repeat the steps before with the previous OPM, but this time, also demand the Scottish province of Ayrshire. Ayrshire is important for 2 reasons, first, it's a new province, and Ireland can't have enough of those, and second, it's the only province that connects Great Britain to Ireland, and without Meath, blocks off all foreign intervention on the Emerald Island. Once that's over send a diplomat to the last Irish OPM and offer vassalization, if they don't accept, send them heaps of Scottish gold until they do.
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