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#REDIRECT {{version|1.29}}{{Country|Flag=[[Eastern_Europe#File:Livonia.png|330px]]<!-- Added as example; not necessary in actual country page -->|Government=Feudal Nobility|Culture=Latvian (Baltic)|Religion=Catholic|Capital=Dorpat (1834)|Tech=Eastern|Rank=Duchy|Ideas=Generic}}'''Livonia''' is a small country in Baltic region. It is also the primary nation of the Latvian culture. Livonia does not exist in any of the starts, although it can be released or formed due to rebels. == Strategy =={{SVersion|1.29}}In 1444, Livonia begins with cores on four of the {{flag|Livonian Order|0}} [[Livonian Order]]'s provinces, Wenden, Dorpat, Latgalia, and Livland. Livonia can be released from the {{flag|Livonian Order|0}} [[Livonian Order]], however it is recommended that the player first move their capital to a province that is not a core of Livonia before releasing and playing as Livonia. One of the best methods to release and play as Livonia is to select Livonian Order, remove the province of Dorpat from the control of the [[Nobility]] estate, moving the capital of the Livonian Order to the province of Dorpat, releasing {{flag|Estonia|0}} [[Estonia]] as a vassal (but choosing not to play as Estonia), moving the capital again to Mitau, and releasing and playing as Livonia. This ensures that Livonia gains as many provinces as possible during the release, and that the {{flag|Livonian Order|0}} [[Livonian Order]] is as weak as possible to make declaring independence easier. Before releasing and playing as Livonia, it is best to decline all alliance offers, and also insulting all neighbors to ensure Livonian Order does not have many allies, to make declaring independence easier. After releasing and playing as Livonia, the next step is to declare independence. {{flag|Estonia|0}} [[Estonia]] will usually be friendly, and will be willing to ally the player. If the {{flag|Livonian Order|0}} [[Livonian Order]] does not have any allies, the player, with the help of {{flag|Estonia|0}} [[Estonia]], will usually be able to win the independence war, however, if the Livonian Order has at least one medium-size ally, it is usually necessary to get one of the other Eastern European powers, such as {{flag|Poland|0}} [[Poland]], {{flag|Muscovy|0}} [[Muscovy]], {{flag|Hungary|0}} [[Hungary]], or, if they remain independent, {{flag|Lithuania|0}} [[Lithuania]], to support Livonia's independence. After winning your independence from the {{flag|Livonian Order|0}} [[Livonian Order]], good routes for expansion include {{flag|Riga|0}} [[Riga]], {{flag|Novgorod|0}} [[Novgorod]], and the {{flag|Teutonic Order|0}} [[Teutonic Order]].   {{Country navbox|Europe}}
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