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Purpose & effects: transclusion of static modifiers
== Purpose & effects ==
The capital province gets:<ref>See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}} ([[Static modifiers#Capital City]]).</ref>
{{#lst:Static modifiers|Capital}}
* '''In [[war]]''': If a capital is occupied during a war, it will count for a greater [[warscore]] because of its value. Occupying the enemy capital will increase the desire for peace of the AI, allowing you to potentially claim more in the peace deal. Taking capital in a peace deal cost 20% more warscore.
* '''For [[trade]]''': Trade is automatically collected from the node containing the main trade port, which is always the capital at the beginning of the game, even without a merchant (although a merchant will boost the income received). Collecting from trade in other nodes reduces one's trade power there by 50%.
Starting with the Common Sense expansion players are able to designate a separate trade capital at the cost of 200 Diplomatic points.
* '''For government [[envoy]]s''': [[Colonists]], [[diplomats]] and [[missionaries]] all return to the capital when they are unassigned, and the time taken to return depends on the distance from their target to the capital.
* The capital province gets:<ref>See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}} under capital_city.</ref>
** {{icon|local development cost}} {{Hover box|Without Common Sense DLC replaced by: +1 Tax income|{{green|−10%}} Local development cost}}
** {{icon|fort level}} {{green|+1}} Fort level
==Moving the capital==
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