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Moving the capital: Info on fixed capitals
'''Tactical moving of capital'''
For some countries, it can be effective to move their capital to another continent or region. For example, moving closer to a more valuable trade node so you lose the 50% trade collection malus. Moving your capital to a province is also an easy way to enact a decision for culture shifting. You can culture shift to any culture given that this culture is the dominant culture of your nation.
=== Fixed capitals ===
Some countries have a so-called "fixed capital" defined. This is usually a province considered absolutely integral to the nation. For example, the nation of [[Ulm]] has the Ulm province as its fixed capital.
The AI cannot move its capital away from its fixed capital. Until [[patch 1.10]] this also applied to the player. Moving one's capital to one's nation's fixed capital does not cost any administrative power.
== Footnotes ==

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