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Changed the text detailing how the Papacy might be disabled to reflect the fact that any orthodox nation may take the mission to restore the Pentarchy
:{{Hatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}
The institute of the Papacy is the religious center of the [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] faith, a moral authority for all Catholic nations. It is 'located' in the Papal States, but is separate from the country and will reform elsewhere if the country no longer exists. Cardinals now appear at random or appear via events in 5BT+ provinces. Each country can have at most, 7 cardinals. One nation is designated the current '''Papal Controller''', also known as the '''Curia Controller''', earning bonuses and able to use its power diplomatically (see below). <br>
Papacy can be disable if Papal State form the [[Papal State#Declare the Kingdom of God|Kingdom of God]] or if {{flag|Byzantium}} restore any orthodox nation restores the PentarchyPentarch.

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