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Papal influence: updated section
===Papal influence===
{{SVersion|1.89}}Papal influence is earned by all catholic Catholic countries and . A country can store at most 100 papal influence.<ref>See in {{path|common/defines.lua}}: MAX_PAPAL_INFLUENCE = 100.0, ''-- The maximum stored amount of papal influence for each country.''</ref> It can be spent in exchange for various benefits.
The yearly gain change in papal influence is:* {|| align=right | {{green|+0.5}} yearly || Baseincrease<ref>See in {{path|common/defines.lua}}: YEARLY_PAPAL_INFLUENCE_CATHOLIC = 0.5, ''-- The amount of yearly papal influence you receive each year for being catholic''</ref>|-| align=right | {{green|+0.5}}yearly || for each controlled {{icon|cardinal}} cardinal<ref>See in {{path|common/defines.lua}}: YEARLY_PAPAL_INFLUENCE_PER_CARDINAL = 0.5, ''-- The amount of yearly papal influence you receive each year for each cardinal you have active''</ref>* Theocracy: |-| align=right | {{green|+1.0}}yearly || as {{icon|defender of the faith}} defender of the Catholic faith* Controlled cardinals: |-| align=right | {{green|+1.0}} yearly || for having the triggered modifier “[[Triggered_modifiers#Crusade|Crusade]]”|-| align=right | {{red|−10.0}} yearly || during [[Triggered_modifiers#Excommunication|excommunication]]|-| align=right | {{red|−10.50}} eachyearly || for having the triggered modifier “[[Triggered_modifiers#The_Occupation_of_Rome|The Occupation of Rome]]”|-* Papal state opinion: | align=right | {{greenred|+−100.0}} yearly || as [[File:Revolution target.5%png|28px]] [[revolution target]]|}Also the following ideas increase papal influence:{{bonus table|papal influence}} per positive relationAdditionally, implemented [[decisions]], [[national ideas]] and [[events]] can give gains or losses to papal influence. A  The yearly change of papal influence is affected by the opinion of the Papal state towards a country can store 100 , namely by 0.5% times this opinion. yearly papal influence = Σ papal influence, any excess is wastedmodifiers + 0.5% × opinion of the Papal state
Papal influence can be spent in the following manner:
| Sanction commercial monopoly || 100 || {{icon|mercantilism}} Mercantilism: {{green|+1}}
== References ==
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