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====Finding the capital====
{{SVersion|1.8Timeless}}The button with the right arrow symbol in the toolbar below the [[minimap]], when selected, will offer an option, ''‘Go to home capital’capital'''. When that is chosen, the map will center on one's capital province. Alternatively, hitting either the {{key press|Backspace}} or {{key press|Home}} keys will center on the capital.
====Identifying the capital====
In the province interface of the capital, left to the province name at the top, a gold crown within a red circle {{icon|capital}} is displayed.
* It costs 200 {{icon|adm}} administrative power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the capital.
* The capital cannot be moved to another continent unless it is the last province in its current [[continent]].
'''Events that move the capital'''
Certain countries such as the [[Ottomans]], [[Poland]] and [[Muscovy]] also have decisions to move the capital for no costs.
'''Tactical moving of capital'''
For some countries, it can be effective to move their capital to another continent or region. For example, moving closer to a more valuable trade node so you lose the 50% trade collection malus

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