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====Finding the capital====
The button with the right arrow symbol in the toolbar below the [[minimap]], when selected, will offer an option, ''‘Go to home capital’''. When that is chosen, the map will center on one's capital province. Alternatively, hitting either the {{key press|Backspace}} or {{key press|Home}} keys will center on the capital.
====Identifying the capital====
In the province interface of the capital, left to the province name at the top, a gold crown within a red circle {{icon|capital}} is displayed.
==Purpose & effects==
* '''In [[war]]''': If a capital is occupied during a war, it will count for a greater [[warscore]] because of its value. It also generally cannot be claimed as part of a peace deal unless it is the very last province of the country; as part of an [[annexation]]; or if it is isolated and the sole aim of the war.
* '''For [[trade]]''': Trade is automatically collected from the node containing the main trade port, which is always the capital at the beginning of the game, even without a merchant (although a merchant will boost the income received). Collecting from trade in other nodes reduces one's trade power there by 50%.
==Moving the capital==
A country can move its capital to another province from the province interface by selecting the grey crown in the upper left corner.
* It costs 200 {{icon|adm}} administrative power<ref>See in {{path|defines}} under PS_MOVE_CAPITAL.</ref> to move the capital.
* The capital cannot be moved to another continent unless it is the last province in its current [[continent]].
'''Events that move the capital'''
Certain countries such as the [[Ottomans]], [[Poland]] and [[Muscovy]] also have decisions to move the capital for no costs.
'''Tactical moving of capital'''
For some countries, it can be effective to move their capital to another continent. A good example are the Irish OPM Tyrone, Leinster, Connaught and Munster. They can - since they have only one province in Europe left - move their capital to the American continent and therefore profit immensly from the rich trade nodes and provinces over there. Another example would be Portugal - which may move their capital to Africa - but here the player needs to keep in mind that the European provinces are very wealthy.

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