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* [[Checksum#What_affects_the_ChecksumWhat affects the Checksum|Checksum]]
*When trying to find a way to do something, look around the game's structure to see how the game accomplishes similar things. The previous point helps with that (how is X effect/trigger meant to be used?). It's also a useful technique to learn about proper format, how events, decisions and missions work, and how to balance your changes with the rest of the game.
*Uncommon/unknown file types outside the ''gfx'' folder (i.e. .lua, .gfx, .gui) are usually normal text files, and can be opened a such.
*Read the '''[[Modding]]''' section!
*Save the '''[!) List of Effects, Modifiers, Scopes, Triggers, and Localization Strings]''' to a text file(s) for easy access. It's a quick reference to all the gears that make EU4 tick, and there's sometimes usage tips to be found.
*If all else fails, drop us a question here in the '''[ Quick questions thread]''' over at the official EU4 modding forum.

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