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Golden bulls
{{Version|Vanilla1.29}}{{expandHatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}:{{Hatnote|For the country itselfgovernment form, see the [[Papal StatesTheocracy#Papacy|Papacy]].}}[[File:PapacyScreen.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The Papacy]]The '''Papal Controller''' institution of the Papacy is a title held by the religious center of the [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] nation with most Controlled (loyal) Cardinals faith and a moral authority for all Catholic nations. It is 'located' in the Curia simultaneously. Do note that as ByzantiumPapal States, but is separate from the Papacy country and can be disabled when reform elsewhere by event if the Pentarchy country no longer exists, via event for any Catholic theocracy with more than one province. Cardinals now appear at random or appear via events in provinces with at least 10 Development. Each country can have at most 7 cardinals. One nation is restoreddesignated the current '''Papal Controller''', also known as the '''Curia Controller''', earning bonuses and able to use its power diplomatically (see below).
==Benefits==The Papal Controller will gain the following bonuses:* Papacy can be disabled if Byzantium [[Stability]] Cost Modifier: {{green|-5%}}* [[Diplomats]]: {{green|+1}}* Yearly [[Prestige]]: {{green|+0.25}}* Possible [[Advisors]]: {{green|+2}}* Yearly Papal Influence: {{green|+2}}* [[Military_leaders|Leaders]] without Upkeep: {{green|+1}}* Aggressive Expansion Impact: {{green|-10%}}* Can Excommunicate Catholics* Can call crusades* Break [[DiplomacyByzantine_missions#Royal_MarriageRestore_the_Pentarchy|royal ties (marriage)]] without restores the -1 [[stabilitypentarchy]] hit.
=== Excommunicate =Curia controller ==The {{SVersion|1.29}}A new Curia controller can excommunicate an enemy. This requires Controller is elected whenever the enemy to be Catholic, and for the [[Papal States]] to have an opinion of -50 Pope (ruler of the enemy (if the Papal States do not exist this requirement is waved and the Curia Controller can excommunicate any Catholic ruler. Excommunication gives every other Catholic nation a [[Casus Belli]] against them and increases yearly decay of prestigeState) dies.
'''Excommunication Penalties'''When this happens, every country that has at least 10 invested influence can be chosen as Curia Controller in accordance with a formula:* Yearly Prestige : :<math>\text{{red|-2chance to be chosen}}* Tolerance of the True Faith : = \frac\text{{red|-3influence invested by this country}}* Monthly Papal Influence : {\sum \text{red|-5influence invested by any country}}</math>
=== Call a crusade ===The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target. This target must be a [[heathen]] and Current chance is displyed in the [[Papal States]] must have an opinion of -50 of the target. Catholic nations that border the crusade target receive a [[Casus Belli]] against it, and ''all'Chance''' Catholic nations at war with column in the crusade target receive bonuses to [[manpower]], [[morale]], [[prestige]] and yearly papal influence while they are at war with themPapacy view.
=== Benefits ==={{SVersion|1.29}}The Curia Controller will gain the following bonuses:<ref>See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}} ([[Static modifiers#Curia controller]]).</ref>{{#lst:Static modifiers|CuriaController}}* Can break [[Diplomacy#Royal Marriage|royal marriages]] without the {{red|-1}} [[stability]] hit.* Special diplomatic actions (listed under '''Crusade Bonuses:'papal actions'') available during the {{icon|age of discovery}} Age of Discovery and {{icon|age of reformation}} Age of Reformation
* National Tax Modifier Bonus : === Papal actions ==={{SVersion|1.29}}The Curia controller gains several diplomatic actions available for use during the {{icon|age of discovery}} Age of Discovery and {{icon|age of reformation}} Age of Reformation. As a base requirement, these actions require the {{flag|Papal States}} (if exists) to have a negative {{greenicon|+10%opinion}}opinion of the targeted nations. ==== Excommunicate ====* Morale Excommunication requires the targeted nation to be Catholic, and for the [[Papal States]] to have a {{red|negative}} opinion of Armies them (note: Papal actions are located under [[Country_interface#Diplomacy|diplomacy]] menu). The targeted nation cannot be the Defender of the Faith. If the Papal States do not exist the negative opinion requirement is waived and the Curia Controller can excommunicate any Catholic ruler that is not the Defender of the Faith. Excommunication gives every neighbouring Catholic nation a [[Casus Belli]] against the targeted nation. It can be lifted if the curia controller has good relations with the excommunicated nation. '''Excommunication penalties'''{{green#lst:Triggered modifiers|+10%Excommunicated}}* National Manpower Modifier : {{greenicon|relation}} {{red|+30%−50}}Relation with Catholic nations* Yearly Prestige {{icon|relation}} {{red|−200}} Relation with Catholic theocracies ==== Call a crusade ====The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target (note: Papal actions are located under [[Country_interface#Diplomacy|diplomacy]] menu). This target must be a [[heathen]] and the [[Papal States]] must have an opinion of {{greenred|-50}} or below of the target. Catholic nations that border the crusade target receive a [[Casus Belli]] against it, and ''all'' Catholic nations at war with the crusade target receive bonuses to [[manpower]], [[Morale of armies|+morale]], [[prestige]] and yearly papal influence while they are at war with them, controls at least 1province owned by the crusade target and the Army Maintenance slider is at maximum. Crusades may no longer be called as of the {{icon|age of absolutism}}Age of Absolutism, but if a crusade called before it starts hasn't expired yet, it will continue to stay in effect until 30 years have passed since its start, as before. However, the Curia controller can extend this period using a golden bull.* Monthly Papal Influence '''Crusade bonuses: '''{{green#lst:Triggered modifiers|+2Crusader}}
== The Curia ==
{{SVersion|1.29}}The Curia is made up of seven Cardinals who, once chosen, remain in the Curia until death. Control administrative body of the curia can be obtained Catholic Church overseen by winning a plurality group of cardinals.* If There are '''49 seats''' in the Curia, and a nation has more new cardinal will be inducted on the first day of each year should any seat be empty. New cardinals than are randomly selected from among the Catholic provinces of Catholic nations. Cardinals are loyal to the current controllerCatholic ruler who has ownership of their province, they become so it is possible to earn the controller* If a nation has control and another nation ties them in allegiance of more cardinals through conquest. The primary benefit of controlling more cardinalsis to increase one's papal influence. Per cardinal controlled, control does not changeyou gain 0.5 Papal Influence per year. ===Cardinal selection===* If The top ten Catholic provinces in Catholic nations except {{flag|The Papal State}} will compete for empty seats in the current controller loses Curia. The chance of a cardinal and multiple nations now surpass them being picked from any province can be seen in the tooltip over the ''Active Cardinals'' ribbon in cardinals, control passes to whoever among them has the oldest papacy interface. Factors that affect cardinal.selection chance are as follows: * Cardinals death probability seems to Development of candidate province must be different from advisor and monarch death probability, as at least 10* Total provincial base tax of all Catholic provinces owned by nation (worth more)* Total provincial base tax of all non-Catholic provinces owned by nation (worth less)* Number of cardinals frequently live to their 70s and 80s.already controlled by nation
===Controlled Cardinals===The selection of cardinals tends to favors countries whose wealth is concentrated in a few valuable provinces, rather than spread out over many poorer ones.Cardinals maintain a loyalty to can only be elected from provinces on the country that has invested same continent as the most{{icon|papal influence}}''papal influence'' in them; a country's loyal cardinals are referred to as '''Controlled Cardinals'''Papal States (usually Europe). Once a Cardinal enters If the CuriaPapal state does not exist, he this restriction is removed. Cardinals can no longer be influenced, and remains loyal to the same countryselected from vassals but they cannot be selected from colonial nations.
For each controlled ===Cardinal you get the following benefits:* {{green|+1}} {{icon|Papal influence}} Yearly papal influence* {{green|+0.1}} {{icon|prestige}}Yearly [[prestige]]* {{green|+0.2}} {{icon|legitimacy}}Yearly [[legitimacy]]* {{green|-1.0%}} {{icon|technology cost}}[[Technology]] cost modifier* {{green|+0.1%}} {{icon|Local missionary strength}} Local missionary strength against heretic religions.acquisition ===
===Future Cardinals===* If you conquer a province with a cardinal - you get the cardinal.There are also five * The event '''Future Cardinals''', awaiting entry to “[[Art of War events#Cardinal Across the Curia once another Border|Cardinal dies. These Cardinals Across the Border]]”''can'' be swayed towards cause a country by investing papal influence into them. Cardinals can only be influenced in increments of 5. A list of all influencers displays when hovering over the Future Cardinal's current controllercardinal to move from one province to another.
When a Cardinal ===Papal influence===Papal influence is earned by all Catholic countries except for {{flag|The Papal State}}. A country can store at most 200 papal influence.<ref name=defines>See in the Curia dies, a random Future Cardinals is chosen to succeed him{{path|common/defines. He is replaced by a new, randomly generated Future Cardinallua}}</ref> It can be spent in exchange for various benefits.
Cardinals have The change in papal influence is:{|| align=right | {{green|+0.5}} yearly || Base increase<ref name=defines />|-| align=right | {{green|+0.5}} yearly || for each controlled {{icon|cardinal}} cardinal<ref name=defines />|-| align=right | {{green|+1}} yearly || with loyal {{icon|clergy}} Clergy estate (scaling by influence)|-| align=right | {{green|+1}} yearly || as {{icon|defender of the faith}} [[Defender of the Faith|defender of the Catholic faith]]<ref name=static >See in {{path|common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt}}.</ref>|-| align=right | {{green|+1}} yearly || for having the triggered modifier “[[Triggered_modifiers#Crusade|Crusade]]”<ref name=triggered >See in {{path|common/triggered_modifiers/00_triggered_modifiers.txt}}.</ref>|-| align=right | {{red|−10}} yearly || for violation of the [[Treaty of Tordesillas]]<ref name="defines" />|-| align=right | {{red|−10}} yearly || for having the country modifier ''“[[Decisions#Civic|The Statute in Restraint of Appeals]]”'' (obtained by decision)|-| align=right | {{red|−10}} yearly || during [[Triggered_modifiers#Excommunication|excommunication]]<ref name=triggered />|-| align=right | {{red|−10}} yearly || for having the triggered modifier ''“[[Triggered_modifiers#The_Occupation_of_Rome|The Occupation of Rome]]”''<ref name=triggered />|-| align=right | {{red|−100}} yearly || as [[File:Revolution target.png|28px]] [[revolution target]]<ref name=static />|}* converting a country province gives papal influence on completion equal to the development of originthe converted province.Also the following ideas increase papal influence:{{bonus table|papal influence}}Additionally, implemented [[decisions]] and that country [[events]] can give gains a starting bonus or losses to papal influence him. Which nation One of the Cardinal comes from possible bribes for a seat in [[Parliament]] is related '''Send Delegation to their annual papal influence gain; the higher the gainHoly See''', the more likely which will buy that seat's vote at a nation is to receive initial control cost of the Cardinal10 papal influence. The formula for how much influence is initially invested in the owned cardinal is as follows:
: <code>floor( (Yearly PI gain - Bonus from The yearly change of papal influence is affected by the opinion of the Papal state towards a country, namely by 0.5% times this opinion with . If the Papal States) * 3 )</code>state does not exist, this modifier is always zero.
::<math>\text{yearly papal influence} =\left(1 + \frac\text{opinion of the Papal state}{200}\right)\sum \text{modifiers}</math> Papal influence can be spent in the following manner:{|class ="mildtable"! Action !! Prerequisites !! style="text-align:center" | Papal Influence cost !! Effect|-| Invest influence|* Has at least {{icon|cardinal}} 1 cardinal| style="text-align:center" | 5 + 0.5 * current influence || Gain {{green|+10}} influence towards election of next Curia controller|-| Levy church tax|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Papal Sanction for Increased Taxes”''| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Papal Sanction for Increased Taxes”'' modifiers for 20 years:*{{green|+15%}} {{icon|Global tax modifier}} Global tax modifier|-| Grant indulgence for sins|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Has less than {{icon|legitimacy}} 100 Legitimacy* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Papal Sanction for our Dynasty”''* (hidden) Is a monarchy and ''not'' the junior partner in a personal union| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Papal Sanction for our Dynasty”'' modifier for 20 years:*{{green|+1}} {{icon|legitimacy}} Yearly legitimacy|-| Forgive usury|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Usury Forgiven”''| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Usury Forgiven”'' modifier for 20 years:*{{green|-0.25}} {{icon|interest}} Interest per annum*{{green|-0.1}} {{icon|inflation}} Inflation per year|-| Send papal legate|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Papal Legate”''| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Papal Legate”'' modifier for 20 years:*{{green|+1}} {{icon|diplomatic reputation}} Diplomatic reputation|-| Bless ruler|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal influenceState}}* Has less than {{icon|prestige}} 100 prestige* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Papal Blessing”''| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Papal Blessing”'' modifier for 20 years:*{{green|+1}} {{icon|prestige}} Yearly prestige|-| Beatify local saint|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Has less than {{icon|stability}} 3 stability| style="text-align:center" | 100 || Gain {{icon|stability}} {{green|+1}} Stability|-| Proclaim holy war|* Is at war* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Does ''not'' have the modifier ''“Papal Sanction of War”''| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain the ''“Papal Sanction of War”'' modifier for 20 years:*{{green|+15%}} {{icon|manpower recovery speed}} Manpower recovery speed|-| Sanction commercial monopoly|* Is at peace with {{flag|The Papal State}}* Has less than {{icon|mercantilism}} 100% mercantilism| style="text-align:center" | 50 || Gain {{icon|mercantilism}} {{green|+1%}} mercantilism|} == Golden bulls =={{SVersion|1.30}}{{Expansion|emp}}{{desc|Golden bulls|Golden Bulls are bonuses that the Papal Controller can enact using the Curia Coffers that benefits all Catholic Countries! They last until the current Pope dies.|image=Golden_bull_empty}}Enacting a golden bull costs 400{{icon|d|24px}} out of the curia treasury.<ref name=defines />{| class="mildtable plainlist"! width="275px" | Golden bull! width="250px" | Effects! width="55%" | Requirements |-| {{iconbox|Illius Qui Se Pro Divini|The soldiers of Christ must once again spill their blood upon the shores of the Holy Land. The spirit of the Crusades must be revived, for God wills it!|image=Golden bull illius_qui_se_pro_divini.png}}|* {{icon|ae impact}} {{green|−10%}} Aggressive expansion impact* Enables [[Crusade]]s after age limit.| It is not the {{icon|age of discovery}} age of discovery and not the {{icon|age_of_reformation}} age of reformation. |-| {{iconbox|Apostolicae Servitutis|In spite of many prohibitive laws of the Church, used some ecclesiastics had drifted into the habit of occupying themselves with worldly business and pursuits.<br />This is outrageous and should stop.|image=Golden bull apostolicae_servitutis.png}}|* {{icon|curia powers cost}} {{green|−10%}} Curia powers cost| |-| {{iconbox|Christiana Pietas|As good Christians we must lead by example. We shall invite the Jews and other unbelievers to gain our lands so that they may see the loyalty grace of Christian rule and accept the Lord into their hearts.|image=Golden bull praeclara_carissimi.png}}|* {{icon|tolerance heathen}} {{green|+2%}} Tolerance of heathens* {{icon|development cost}} {{green|−5%}} Development cost| |-| {{iconbox|Immensa Aeterni Dei|Reorganize the Roman Curia, establishing permanent congregations of cardinals to advise the Pope on various subjects.|image=Golden bull immensa_aeterni_dei.png}}|* {{icon|embracement cost}} {{green|−10%}} Embracement cost* {{icon|institution spread}} {{green|+25%}} Institution spread* [[Static_modifiers#Cardinals_spread_institutions|Cardinalsspread institutions]]| |-| {{iconbox|Libertas Ecclesiae|Libertas ecclesiae is the notion of freedom of ecclesiastical authority from secular or the temporal power, accumulates which guided the Reform movement which began in the 11th century.<br />But what if a puppet of the Holy Roman Emperor is sitting on the Throne of Saint Peter?|image=Golden bull libertas_ecclesiae.png}}|* {{icon|imperial authority growth modifier}} {{green|+20%}} Imperial authority gowth modifier* [[file:Approval of imperial reforms by catholic princes.png|link=Holy_Roman_Empire#Imperial_reforms|Approval of imperial reforms by Catholic princes|28px]] {{green|+25%}} Approval of imperial reforms by Catholic princes| The country is the emperor of the [[Holy Roman Empire]] which has {{icon|catholic}}Catholicism as the official unchangeable faith. |-| {{iconbox|Dei Gratia Rex|In their hearts, all the faithful know that God ultimately selected our ruler, and thus they rule by His Grace and by His Word.|image=Golden bull dei_gratia_rex.png}}|* {{icon|yearly absolutism}} {{green|+0.5}} Yearly absolutism* [[file:Unrest in catholic provinces.png|28px|link=Unrest|Unrest in Catholic provinces]] {{green|−2}} Unrest in Catholic provinces* {{icon|regiment drill loss}} {{green|−25%}} Regiment drill loss||} == Council of Trent =={{SVersion|1.30}}{{Expansion|emp}}[[File:Council_of_Trent.png|thumb|400px|right|Council of Trent GUI]]The '''Council of Trent''' models the friction between [[Catholic]] and other Christian faiths during the reformation. The system is initiated by [[Papal_events#The_Counter-Reformation_and_the_Reformation_of_the_Catholic_Faith|counter-reformation event]], starting between 1540 and 1590. At which point all nations with [[Papacy#The_Curia|cardinals]] get a follow-up event ([[Papal_events#The_Council_of_Trent|The Council of Trent]]) asking them to select a monthly basisnational position=== National positions ===
''NB: Papal influence does not determine when National positions are selected first upon the initiating event, and afterward, whenever a Future Cardinal enters the Curianew ruler comes into power.''
The following modifiers affect the total yearly gain of papal influence:* {{green|+5%}} of a country's total annual class="mildtable plainlist" ! [[base taxFile:Council of trent harsh.png|24px]] (only considering Catholic Harsh position! Neutral position! [[provinceFile:Council of trent conciliatory.png|24px]]s)Conciliatory position|- style="vertical-align: top;"|* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{green|+0.0525%}} per [[courthouse]]Resistance to reformation* {{greenicon|opinion of heretics}} {{red|+5−20}} per [[cathedral]]Opinion of heretics* From {{redicon|-0.02missionary strength}} to {{green|+0.022%}} per [[Papal State]] opinion point towards you (Modifier ranging from -4 to +4)Missionary strength* From {{icon|institution_spread}} {{red|-0.01−25%}} Institution spread|* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} to {{greenred|+0.01−33%}} per [[Prestige]] point (Modifier ranging from -1 Resistance to +1)reformation|* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{green|Up to +5.0025%}} from [[religious unity]]Resistance to reformation* {{greenicon|+2opinion of heretics}} for the current Papal Controller* {{green|+210}} for the current [[Defender Opinion of the Faith]]heretics* {{greenicon|missionary strength}} {{red|+1−5%}} for each controlled cardinalHeretic missionary strength* {{icon|Improve relations}} {{green|+0.525%}}Improve relations|} for being at peace
===StrategyConcessions ===AI countries will spend their papal influence according to the following algorithm:* Do not invest further into an already controlled cardinal* Put all remaining points into whichever cardinal requires the fewest further investment of points to control
It is often The [[Curia controller]] may select a bad idea to get in a "race" with an AI nation where you use your last remaining papal influence points number of concessions to barely overtake them, as then they will spend their points retaking either the cardinalconciliatory or harsh sides. If you immediately retake Enacting these concessions costs between {{icon|ducat}}500 and 2000 depending on how many nations have the cardinal as soon same nation position as you have enough points to do so, that cardinal will then be the cheapest for them to retake, and the race will continue until the cardinal dies or enters the curia. While you might win such a race if you have more papal influence than other racing nations, you will only net one cardinal out of the processconcession being enacted.
A more fruitful alternative may be to save up your papal influence and look for a way to get far enough ahead on a cardinal such that it's an unappealing target for the AI{| class="mildtable" ! #! colspan=2 | [[File:Council of trent harsh.png|24px]] Harsh! colspan=2 | [[File:Council of trent conciliatory.png|24px]] Conciliatory|-| style="text-align: right" | 1| [[File:Reformation heresy trials.png]] Heresy Trials ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{red|−20}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|missionary strength vs heretics}} {{green|+2%}} Missionary strength vs heretics| [[File:Reformation secret confessions. If, say, there is a 40 point and a 20 point cardinal, and you have 65 papal influence, you can put all 65 points into the 20 point cardinalpng]] Secret Confessions ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{green|+10}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|Tolerance of heretics}} {{green|+2}} Tolerance of heretics|-| style="text-align: right" | 2| [[File:Reformation roman catechism. After that, the 40 point cardinal will be more attractive than the one you control, even for whoever started with 20 points png]] Roman Catechism ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{red|−20}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|Institution spread}} {{green|+30%}} Institution spread in your cardinaltrue faith provinces| [[File:Reformation non latin bible.png]] Non-Latin Bible ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{green|+10}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|Institution spread}} {{green|+10%}} Institution spread|-| style="text-align: right" | 3| [[File:Reformation soldiers of christ. This will png]] Soldiers of Christ ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{red|−20}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|Manpower in true faith provinces}} {{green|+10%}} Manpower in turn cause all the AI nations to race with eachother over the originally 40 point cardinal and leave you and your 65 point cardinal alonetrue faith provinces| [[File:Reformation rescinding celibacy. Be careful, though, as the leader png]] Rescinding Celibacy ||* {{icon|opinion of the race may start investing points into the nextheretics}} {{green|+10}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|national manpower modifier}} {{green|+5%}} National manpower modifier|-best cardinal, which may be yours (especially if they've already partially invested in you)| style="text-align: right" | 4| [[File:Reformation catholic mysticism.png]] Catholic Mysticism ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{red|−20}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|war score cost vs other religions}} {{green|−10%}} War score cost vs other religions| [[File:Reformation sola fide.png]] Sola Fide ||* {{icon|opinion of heretics}} {{green|+10}} Opinion of heretics* {{icon|Curia powers cost}} {{green|−10%}} Curia powers cost|}
AI nations do not save points. If you are in a 2-way race with a nation over a cardinal, you can save points while they invest elsewhere by allowing them to take the lead for a while. When you reinvest your points you may have a strong enough lead that they continue to invest elsewhere.== References ==<references/>
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