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Wealth of Nations

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Expansion features: Added info about the defunct Norse religion.
{{Version|Timeless}}{{DLC| header= Wealth of Nations| logo= Wealth of Nations banner.jpg| type= Expansion| patch= 1.6| date= 2014-05-29| storeb = {{Store|pdx|europa-universalis-iv-wealth-of-nations/EUEU04ESKeu4won1.html}} / {{Store|steam|app/279620}}| storec = {{Store|pdx|europa-universalis-iv-wealth-of-nations-content-pack/EUEU04CSK0000020.html}} / {{Store|steam|bundle/2258}}}}{{#evt:| service= youtube| id= 6H4b7MyVRdw| description= Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations expansion feature spotlight by EU4's project lead Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson.| alignment= right| container=frame}}The '''Wealth of Nations''' expansion [[DLC]] was announced on January 27th 2014-01-27<ref>http[[Forum://|Paradox-Announces-Europa-Universalis-IV-: Wealthof Nations]], 2014-of01-Nations&s=3040de0473d483d382a84035f50f69c427</ref> and scheduled for release was released on May 29th 2014-05-29. The expansion is to focus focuses on trade and conflict drivers.[[File:EUIV-WON-Poster.png|thumb|right|580px|Poster for Wealth of Nations]]
==Planned Expansion features==These are features announced on the product page<ref></ref>:* Use covert Covert diplomatic action actions to create trade conflicts: Bring out your negotiating skills and explore new diplomatic ways to justify and force trade conflicts against your competition.* Steal from your competitors with the use Introduction of state-sponsored pirates, also known as privateers: Dare to hire privateers that will steal trade from your competitors by leeching trade into a pirate nation. But if you do, know that this will give your competitors just cause for war.* Create a new trade capital and strengthen your trade: Designate Designation of a specific port as your the main trade capital, separate from your country’s capital, in a coastal province within the same continent.* Improved trading in inland nodes: Merchants placed in inland trade nodes receive increased bonuses proportional to your country’s trade efficiency and will increase your ability to trade in far-away inland * Introduction of trade nodes.companies* Establish East India Companies: Strengthen your trade network Hindu and reach far-away lands by establishing East India Companies.Norse rulers can pick personal deities* Allow Players to build canals at Panama, Kiel Reformed "Fervor": Reformed nations can gain and Suez. These will be expensive undertakings which once completed will be visible spend fervor points on the map. Canals will allow movement of ships through thema Military, they can be blockaded Diplomatic and will also contribute significantly to trade power in the region.Trade bonus
== List of video content Free features =={| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"* [[Rival]]s** [[Countries]] now pick rivals from a list of nearby nations that aren't too strong or too weak compared to that country. Larger nations can pick rivals further away. Picking a rival gives all the previous benefits of having a rival and also unlocks the [[Power Projection|-Power Projection system]].! Title ** You gain Power Projection by having longtime rivals and Link !! Description !! Dateacting aggressively against those rivals by for example [[war|-declaring war]] on them, taking [[provinces]] from them, [[Subsidies|subsidizing]] their enemies and sending [[http://youtuprivateers]] against them. You lose Power Projection from having too few rivals picked and losing provinces to your Feature Part 1 - ** Power Projection gives bonuses to [[Trade CompaniesPower] ], [[Fort defence|Fort Defense]], [[Land morale|Land Morale]], [[Naval morale| Trade companies Naval Morale]], [[Legitimacy]] and their mechanics[[Republican Tradition]]. Additionally, at 25 Power Projection a nation gets +1 [[Leader(s) without upkeep|Leader without Upkeep]] and at 50 Power Projection it gets +1 to monthly [[Monarch power| 19-05-2014Administrative, Diplomatic and Military Power]].|-* [[Policies]]|** New Policy Interface under [[ Feature Part 2 - Trade CB's Missions]] and Terra Incognita[[Decisions]]Tab** Completing two full [[Idea groups||We've added Idea Groups]] unlocks several Policies** Activating a bunch policy gives bonuses but costs 1 monarch point per month of new a specific type.** Several old decisions now converted to policies* New [[Casus Belli|Trade Conflict CB's to the game and updated the Terra Incognita.]] given by Justify Trade Conflict* Ticking [[warscore]] from [[Blockade|blockades]]* New [[Colonial regions|19-05-2014Colonial Region]] Australia* Now possible to easily detach obsolete ships with one button|* Improved Macro-builder Interface|* Now possible to Build [[ Feature Part 3 - Religion Mechanics & Rival Systemcores]]||We've completely overhauled the Rival system and implemented a ''Power Projection'' mechanic. Plus, the Reformed Change [[Culture]] and Hindu religions have been flesh [[Harsh treatment||20Harsh Treatment]] from the Macro-05-2014builder Interface* Now possible to change role of trader without travel time|-* Added New [[ships]], Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul|* Added three [[ Feature Part 4 - Policies & Privateersreligions]]||Pirates have gone the way of the Dodo in Wealth of Nations, Coptic (Christianity), Ibadi (Islam), and Sikh (Sikhism). To replace them we've added ''Privateers'' who can have a serious impact on trade Coptic (Ethiopia) and Ibadi (Oman) are present from the income of your enemies. Also they generate a bit of gold1444 start, but most of it goes towards the rumSikh will appear later.||20-05-2014|-* Modifiers such as [[Estuary]] now shown on map in Trade Mapmode.* Now possible to form the nations {{flag|[ Feature Part 5 - Courland & Other Nations]Egypt}}, {{flag|Bukhara}} and {{flag|Yes, we know it's internationally referred to as ''Courland'', but we're Swedes so Kurland it is}}.||21-05-2014|-|* [[http://youtuAdministrative efficiency]] is a new country wide bonus that is unlocked at administrative technology level 23 and increases at 26 and 29, up to a total of Feature Part 6 - Renewed Macro interface & New religions]||We've changed Administrative Efficiency directly reduces the flow impact of the interface significantlyprovince [[base tax]] on [[overextension]] and warscore cost, allowing for much larger territories to be conquered at once. * The original ''Macro interface'' was already pretty flexible, however it's now scaling of core time from country size has been fleshed out to the point that removed - all nations now core provinces at the important stuff has been added to same speed regardless of size (but it. Alsois still affected by factors such as culture, religion, we take having a look at Coptic [[claim]] and Ibadi relgionsso on). ||21-05-2014|-|* New Launcher with Steamworks support, subscribe to the [[ Feature Part 7 - Canals & Great Works systemmods]]||Introducing the Great Works system in steam and the canals that are part of itlauncher will update accordingly. In Wealth of Nations you now will be able * Buildable [[Canals]]: Now possible to build three canals in the late game; The Kiel Canal, the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal can now all be build for a mere 20.000 ducats. ||22-05-2014|-|[ Features - Highlights] || In this video we've condensed (Originally contained in the Feature Stream down to the core components of Wealth of Nations. || 22-05-2014|}DLC)
== Dev diaries ==
A collection of all [[Dev_diary#Wealth_of_Nations_developer_diaries{{main|developer Developer diaries]] for the upcoming expansion Europa Universalis IV}}{{#lsth: Developer diaries|Wealth Of of Nations is kept on the [ Paradox forums].}}
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