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|Government=Despotic MonarchyAutocracy
|Culture=Pontic (Byzantine)
'''Trebizond''' is a [[OPM|one province minor]] in the Anatolian region[[Anatolia]], and the [[primary nation ]] of Pontic culture. It starts in 1444 surrounded by the {{flag|Ottomans}} to the west, {{flag|Aq Qoyunlu}} to the south, {{flag|Imereti}} to the northeast and {{flag|Samtskhe}} to the east.
Historically, Trebizond was a Greek kingdom carved out of the Byzantine Empire after it was shattered by the Fourth Crusade in 1204. Despite the rival Empire of Nicaea reforming Byzantium in 1261, Trebizond remained an independent kingdom and continued to press its own claim to the Imperial throne. Through clever diplomacy and royal marriages with its famously beautiful women, Trebizond managed to outlive the Empire. In 1461, however, Trebizond too fell to the advancing [[Ottomans]].
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