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|Government= Republic
'''Vermont''' is a [[formable]] country in the Colonial Eastern America region of [[North America]] that is ''not'' available at any game start.
== Formation ==
'''Vermont''' can be formed by any former [[colonial nation]] that owns the required provinces of ‘Colonial Eastern America’ ([[colonial region]]).<ref>For the script code see in {{path|decisions/VermontNation.txt}}.</ref>{{box wrapper|justify-content=space-between}}{{Decision|version = 1.30|decision_id = vermont_nation|decision_name = Form Vermonter Nation|decision_text = Here in the lush fertile lands of the American Northwest and free from the colonial powers of the Old World, we find ourselves capable of cutting all ties with our old identity and drafting a constitution that promises to protect the rights of citizens and landowners. We will form a new nation on the principles of freedom and unity.|potential=The game is ''not'' using a [[random New World]].The country:* is ''not'' a [[nomad nation]].* was never an [[end-game tag]].* is a [[colonial nation]] ''or'' former colonial nation.* owns a province in Colonial Eastern America ([[colonial region]]).* has not formed one of [[Formable countries#former colonial nations|these countries]] before.If this country is AI-controlled, it must own at least 3 provinces. |allow = The countrylst:* is a former colonial nation.* has an [[administrative technology]] of at least level 10.* {{is_free_or_tributary_trigger}}* is ''not'' at war.* has its [[capital]] in the Colonial Caribbean, and it is a [[core]].* owns Missisquoi (2563) as a [[core]] province.* owns at least 5 cities in the Northeast region as [[core]]s.{{flagFormation decisions|Vermont}} does ''not'' exist.|effect = The country:* changes to {{flag|Vermont}}.* Gains [[permanent claim]] on all unowned provinces in the:** [[Northeast]] region** [[Upper Acadia]] area** [[Lower Acadia]] area* gains {{icon|prestige}} {{green|25}} prestige.* gets the modifier ''“Increased Centralization”'' for 20 years with the following effects:**{{icon|autonomy}}{{green|−0.05}} monthly autonomy change,**{{icon|national unrest}}{{red|+1}} national unrest.If the country* is a member of the [[Holy Roman Empire]] but ''not'' the emperor ''or'' an elector** then all its provinces are removed from the HRE.* is a duchy** then it becomes a {{icon|kingdom}} kingdom* does ''not'' have custom ideas** then it gets the {{icon|event|22px}} event ‘[[New Traditions & Ambitions]]’.* has a [[primary culture]] in the British culture group that is ''not'' American:** then American becomes the primary cultureMissisquoi (2563):* becomes the capital.* changes its name to Vermont (with province capital Montpelier).vermont_nation}}
{{end box wrapper}}
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