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Venice starts with one Greek vassals,{{flag|Naxos}}. It is fairly unimpressive, and filled with religious heretics (Orthodox). It can be diplo-annexed during the first few years . Venice should also expect some work from missionaries to clean up heretical ideas, as well as keeping control of rebels. Be wary of Greek separatists rising up in Naxos, as if they're successful, they will defect to the Byzantines.
With [[Art of War]], vassals' claims can be pressed, and Naxos will tend to fabricate claims against the Ottomans. These can be very useful for expanding a foothold in the region of Greece, especially since Naxos shares both religion and culture. That said, integrating integrating Naxos will be quite useful since it will allow to free up a diplomatic slot , that can be used to get an extra alliance without going over the diplomatic relations limit.
As a Merchant Republic , Venice can get many little allies into his trade league to gain more power in the different Trade nodes , such as Alexandria through the Knights of Rhodes and Cyprus.
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