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Naval units

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Each ship class has several distinct properties which affect combat performance:
*;{{Icon|hull}}'''Hullsize''': Represents the durability of the ship.*;{{Icon|sailors}}'''Sailors''': The number of sailors required to crew the ship.*;{{Icon|cannons}}'''Cannons''': Determines the damage done in combat.*;{{Icon|ship speed}}'''Speed''': Refers to the tactical movement speed of the unit in battle, which is supposed to affect the naval positioning rating of the fleet during battles, and thus determine if a ship will or will not attack during a round of naval combat. This is distinct from the strategic movement speed of the unit between different sea zones.*;{{Icon|engagement width}}'''Engagement width''': Determines how many ''spaces'' a ship occupies in the [[engagement width]] of a naval battle.
Additionally, ''light ships'' have a unique property:
*;{{Icon|trade power}}'''Trade power''': Represents the potential trade power value of this ship if ordered to [[Protect trade|protect trade]] in a particular trade node.
==Movement speed==
The speed values listed for naval units in-game refer to their tactical movement speed in battle. The strategic movement speed determines how fast a ship can travel between sea zones on the map.
{|class="mildtable" style="text-align:right"
! Ship type
! Tactical Speedspeed! Strategic Speedspeed
| style="text-align:left" | Heavy ships
{{desc|Ship durability|Ship Durability measures how much of a beating your Navy can take in battle before sinking below the sea. The higher it is, the better.}}
The durability of a ship determines how much damage a ship takes from incoming fire. For example, a {{green|10%}} durability modifier would mean that a ship would lose 9 sailors instead of 10 sailors during battle (does not affect damage from [[Attrition|attrition]]). A ship's base durability depends on its hullsize. 
These modifiers increase the durability of any type of ship:
{| class="mildtable"
! style="width:30px" | [[File:ship durability.png|24px]]
! Conditions
| align=right | {{green|+20%}} ||
* as {{icon|eoc}} Emperor of China and active ‘Promote Naval Officers’ degree
| align=right | {{green|+10%}} ||
* with a [[ruler]] with {{icon|navigator personality}} ‘navigator’ {{DLC-only|personality}}
| align=right | {{green|+5%}} ||
* with a naval leader with ‘Ironside’ {{DLC-only|personality}}
* with ‘[[Mughal Diwan]]’ government reform and assimilated Britsh culture group
Ideas and policies:
{{bonus table|ship durability}}
There are also many modifiers from decisions, events and missions that affect ship durability.
==Heavy ships==
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