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* The capital can only be moved from a non-colonial region to a [[colonial region]] if the current capital is the last state province on that continent, while also isolated from the other territorial cores on that continent.
* Moving the capital from a [[colonial region]] to a non-colonial region will immediately create [[colonial nation]]s.
* The new capital must have at least the same amount of development of the current capital or the cost will be higher than the minimum. * A [[Holy Roman Empire]] member cannot move its capital to a non-imperial province, nor can a non-member move its capital to an imperial province.  * ~~The capital can only be moved to a continent that has at least 50% development of the country<ref>See [[Patch_1.28#Other|patch 1.28]].</ref>.~~ Restriction removed in 1.30.
===Circumstances that move the capital===
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