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United States

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Gameplay as the Mother Country: Updated estate interactions to reflect reality of 1.30.3
====Gameplay as the Mother Country====
Complete every mission and take every event decision that grants the Colonial Enthusiasm modifier or otherwise helps colony growth. For example, a player can boost {{icon|global settler increase}} Global Settler Increase by {{green|+10|green}} every ten years by using granting the "Grant New World Charter interaction with " privilege to the {{icon|burghers}} Burgher Estate. Colonial Eastern America is usually a low priority for other nations' colonization efforts; wise players will use this to their advantage and get the Pope to recognize their right to the area before anyone else has arrived. (This will result in a {{icon|catholic}} Catholic United States, but it's worth it to discourage competitors from colonizing provinces the United States will want later on.) Countries with a [[parliament]], like {{flag|England}}, should use it to get an extra colonist as often as possible. Resolving parliamentary debates immediately will shorten the length of time a player must wait before the Charter Colonies debate option comes up again. If playing with the {{icon|goc}} Golden Century expansion, a player can take advantage of expelling religious or cultural minorities to the colonies to give them a development boost.
Colonize the entire Eastern America region, focusing on the coastlines first. Conquer any Native American tribes in the region as soon as the fledgling colonial nation can successfully absorb them. With the incentive of an adjacent province, the colonial nation may declare a few of these colonial conquest wars on its own. Note that as of 1.18.3, these tribes will embrace institutions quickly, losing their status as "primitives" and therefore the Colonial Conquest causus belli. If left alone for too long, a player will need to fabricate a claim on their provinces like any other nation.

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