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Save file location
==Save file location==
There are two options for save locations. Local saves can be compressed or uncompressed(if not ironman) and are stored in:
: {|! Windows| <code>Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis 4\save games\</code>: (for |-! Linux) | <code>~/.local/share/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/save games/</code>: (|-! MacOS) | <code>~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/save games/</code>|}
If choosing to save on Steam Cloud, the save will be always compressed and uploaded to the Steam servers. A backup is also kept locally on your computer, at:
: {|! Windows| <code>C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\236850\remote\save games</code>|-! Linux| <code>~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/<YOUR STEAM ID>/236850/remote/save games</code>|-For Mac user is at: ! MacOS: | <code>~/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/<YOUR STEAM ID>/236850/remote/save games</code>|}
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