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Naval warfare

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Palembang included as one of the pirate republics.
Costal Raiding is a naval ability added in the Mare Nostrum expansion which allows fleets belonging to nations with the Raid Coasts idea, which in the base game belongs to the [[Maghrebi]] culture group ({{flag|Morocco}}, {{flag|Tlemcen}}, {{flag|Tunis}} and the formable nations of {{flag|Algiers}} and {{flag|Tripoli}}), {{flag|Habsan}} and {{flag|The Knights}} to raid the coasts of other nations of a different religion for {{icon|ducat}}loot (ducats) and {{icon|sailors}}sailors. This idea is also available to [[Nation Designer|Custom Nations]].
The {{icon|gc|24px}}Golden Century DLC introduces [[Republic#Pirate Republic|Pirate Republics]] (specifically; {{flag|New Providence}}, {{flag|Tortuga}}, {{flag|Port Royal}}, {{flag|So}}, {{flag|Palembang}} (through an event) and Custom Nations with the Pirate Republic government), which also have the ability to raid coasts and are capable of raiding the coasts of countries with the same religion.
Historically, this ability reflects the raids carried out by Barbary pirates which were active in the Mediterranean Sea during the mid-16th to early 19th centuries while in the case of the three Pirate Republics, it simulates the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea from the mid-16th to the early 18th century. {{flag|So}} is a special case, as it represents a resurgence of the Japanese Wokou Pirates that raided the coasts of East Asia intermittently from the 4th century to the 17th century.

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