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Strengthen government
== Strengthen government ==
On the government tab is a button to "Strengthen government" “trengthen Government” by spending {{redicon|100mil}} {{iconred|mil100}} [[military power]]. By doing this, the country gets one of the following, as appropriate for the government type and active expansions:* {{icon|small legitimacy}} {{green|+10}} Legitimacy* {{icon|legitimacydevotion}} Legitimacy* {{green|+10}} {{iconDLC-only|devotionDevotion}} Devotion* {{icon|horde unity}} {{green|+10}} {{iconDLC-only|horde Horde unity}} Horde Unity* {{icon|Meritocracy}} {{green|+10}} {{iconDLC-only|Meritocracy}} Meritocracy* {{icon|republican tradition}} {{green|+3}} Republican tradition* {{icon|republican traditionrevolutionary zeal}} {{green|+5}} {{DLC-only|Revolutionary zeal}} Republican Tradition
Additionally, from the {{icon|age of absolutism}} Age of Absolutism onwards, it gets:
* {{greenicon|+2absolutism}} {{icongreen|absolutism+2}} Absolutism
The button is only available if the appropriate government value is not already at maximum; it cannot be used solely to boost absolutism. It is also disabled if a republic turns into a dictatorship to prevent a reliably easy restoration of republican government.
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