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Artificial intelligence

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'''Artificial intelligence''' ('''AI''') is the term used for the behavior of non-player countries.
== Difficulty ==
*When set to easy, the player will get various bonuses, and the AI reacts less harshly to player aggression and vulnerability.
== Lucky nations ==
===AI mechanic handicaps===
The AI does have a few mechanical advantages. These are mostly to prevent the AI from being handicapped too much by its design limitations, in particular in cases where the AI is simplified to keep it from overwhelming the CPU with the complexity and/or frequency of its decision making.
===Human mechanic handicaps===
* A human player cannot be inherited on monarch death, though they may still be integrated manually by their overlord.
* Certain instantly game-ending events (e.g. the [[Burgundian Succession Crisis]]) can't fire for a player.
==External references==
* [[forum:705072|Developer Diary 43: Artificially Improved]]
* [[forum:713930|AI Cheats - Facts and misunderstandings]]
[[Category:Game concepts]]
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