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{{startup|Chagatai|The {{flag|Mongol Empire}} of Genghis Khan is gone, its successor states reduced to infighting on the fringes of civilization. The once mighty {{flag|Yuan}} dynasty, the domain of Kublai Khan, has been entirely driven out of China and retreated back to the steppe in shame. Though {{flag|Mongolia}} still claims the Yuan Emperorship, the{{icon|mandate}}Mandate of Heaven has shifted to the {{flag|Ming}}, who seized power in the midst of a mass uprising against Mongol rule.
Today the Mongol Khan cannot even claim to rule the steppe, or even to rule independently. Most of Mongolia has fallen under the sway of a new Mongol power: the {{flag|Oirat|0}}[[Oirat|Oirat Confederation]] led by Esen Taishi. Esen has great ambitions; refusing to pay tribute to the Ming, he is willing to fight their vast armies in a bid for dominance. If Esen were not such a brilliant military commander the Western Mongols would be unlikely to accept such brash posturing.
Khan Unebolad of the {{flag|Korchin|0}}[[Korchin|Korchin Mongols]] has carved out a respectable domain in Eastern Mongolia. He too has grand ambitions to reunite the Mongols, though his armies and abilities are more of a match for the divided Jurchens to the east than the consolidated forces of the Oirats.
The Chagatai Khanate is the most stable of the Mongol successor states, though this does not hold it to a high standard. The Chagatayids retain control over the land north of the Tian Shan mountains, as well as over the {{flag|Yarkand|0}}[[Yarkand|Yarkand Emirate]] of the Tarim Basin.
Many among the Mongols have adopted the {{icon|Vajrayana}} Vajrayana faith, the Tibetan sect of Buddhism. For the last several centuries this faith has coexisted peacefully with traditional Mongol belief in{{icon|Tengri}}Tengri, and the faith was even favored for a time under the Yuan. The Mongols must consider carefully their relations with {{flag|Tibet}} and decide on how to deal with the matter of religion.
Every Khan dreams of bringing unity to the Mongols and restoring Genghis Khan’s great Mongol Empire. Thus far all who have tried have had only short-lived success. But there is still time for a new Khan to rise to the challenge...?
Chagatai is a Steppe Horde in the [[Tartary super-region|Tartary]] region of East Asia. They practice the Sunni faith, following the {{icon|hanafi}} Hanafi school.
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