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=== Population ===
[[File:Native population map.png|thumb|600px|{{SVersion|1.2329|image}} Native population in 1444.]]
The size of the native population determines how many native regiments attack at a time. The native population in a province can be reduced permanently using the [[File:Attack natives.png|28px]] [[Attack natives|Attack Natives]] military action, which costs a small amount of {{icon|mil}} military power proportional to the population, {{icon|aggressiveness|20px}} aggressiveness, and {{icon|ferocity|20px}} ferocity of the natives. The action may need to be performed multiple times in order to completely drive out the local population, as native regiments that break from combat due to low morale are not killed and so return to the 'population' of the colony.
==== Aggressiveness ====
[[File:Native aggressiveness map.png|thumb|600px|{{SVersion|1.2329|image}} Native aggressiveness in 1444.]]
[[File:Aggressiveness icon.png|20px]]Aggressiveness ranges from 0 to 10 and determines how likely the natives are to attack a colony. Each point of aggressiveness gives a 1% chance of a native uprising happening per month.
Taking the [[Colonization#Native_policies|Native Trading Policy]] adds {{green|−50%}} to the chance of uprising, effectively halving aggressiveness. Taking the Native Coexistence Policy will add {{green|−100%}} to the chance of uprising, effectively removing native aggressiveness and the chance of an uprising in all provinces.

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