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Republican tradition
Yearly republican tradition provided by national ideas and policies:
{{bonus table|republican tradition}}
Republican tradition can be further modified by the following:
{{green|+0.2}} [[Coptic]] blessing legitimize government
{{green|+0.1}} [[Protestant]] aspect legitimize government
{{green|+0.2}} [[shia|shiite]] nations who follow the ismaili school
{{green|+0.5}} [[muslim]] nations who invite an ismaili scholar
{{green|+0.2}} [[government reform]] republicanism
{{green|+1}} [[pirate republic]] with the [[buccaneers|buccaneers faction]] in control
{{green|+1}} [[dutch republic]] with the statists in power
{{green|+0.5}} government reform articles of agreement
{{green|+0.5}} [[parliament]] issue reform rotten boroughs
{{green|+0.5}} parliament issue election reform
{{green|+0.12}} Trading in [[trade goods|chinaware]] bonus
{{green|+0.5}} Ruler [[trait]] just
=== Reverting to monarchy ===

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