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Treaty of Tordesillas
If another Catholic nation (even one with its capital in a colonial region) starts colonizing a province in that region, they will receive a severe penalty for having '''"Violated the Treaty of Tordesillas"'''. This include a {{icon|global settler increase}} {{red|−20}} Local Settler Increase penalty when colonizing that colonial region, as well as a {{icon|papal influence}} {{red|−10}} yearly papal influence penalty and a {{icon|relation}} {{red|−50}} modifier to the Papal State's opinion of that nation. Also, nation that has the claim receive {{icon|relation}} {{red|-200}} modifier to the opinion of them, with yearly decay of {{green|+1}}. Colonies that are in progress when the Pope assigns a colonial region to another nation do not count as having violated the Treaty of Tordesillas, only colonies started after a colonial region has been assigned.
These modifiers can only affect Catholic colonial nations; nations of other religions can receive neither the bonuses nor the penalties.
If the nation owning a colonial region is completely annexed, the colonial region will revert to no nation having a colonial claim, and a new nation can be assigned the region by creating a colonial nation or owning a current colonial nation in the region.
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