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===Countering the Ottomans===
The {{flag|Ottomans}} have a powerful army, and are the biggest threat the player faces in the beginning (historically being responsible for the Mamlukean decline). The Ottomans are sometimes allied with {{flag|Tunis}}, but Tunis is nowhere near as powerful, and with a strong ally, Mamluks can beat Tunis and Ottomans easily. One of the best strategies to counter the Ottomans is to ally with some strong local powers like {{flag|Austria}}, {{flag|Muscovy}}, {{flag|Hungary}}, or {{flag|Qara Qoyunlu}} if not rivaled. Allying with one of these powers will allow an attack against the Ottomans from two fronts, making it easier to beat them. An alliance with {{flag|Castile}}/{{flag|Spain}} is another possibility in order to destroy the Ottomans' fleet, since without destroying the Ottomans' fleet, it will be harder for troops to cross the Marmara Sea and capture the Ottomans' capital, Edirne, or Constantinople if Byzantium is already annexed. An early no-CB war on {{flag|Byzantium}} in order to annex Constantinople and prevent Ottoman expansion should be considered. Fabricating claim on Teke and declaring war on ottomans when they are at war with {{flag|Byzantium}} is a good strategy. Naval supremacy can be achieved by going over force limit with galleys, using the free oarsmen navy doctrine and hiring a naval reform advisor . Player should prioritise taking Biga to prevent Ottomans from crossing . After winning the war player should take entire anatolian coastline in the peace deal . Vassalizing {{flag|Dulkadir}} and {{flag|Ramazan}} should be easy at this point.
== Achievements ==

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