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Republican tradition: updated section regarding changing your Government Type to a Republic resulting in having 50 republican tradition to also include Theocracies and all possible Tier 1 Government Reforms for Republics
[[file:Republican_tradition.png|28px]] ''Republican tradition'' is the republican counterpart of how legitimate the ruling power is perceived by the general population. It's also a way to show how "true" the government holds up to republican ideals (i.e. if a country elects a new ruler in every election). This property ranges between {{red|0}} and {{green|100}}.
New republics will start with {{green|100}} tradition, ''unless'' the nation in question was formerly a monarchy or a theocracy and enacted changed their government type through the Adopt Plutocratic Administration or Adopt Oligarchic Administration decisionfinal reform tier, in which case it will start with {{green|50}}. Each year republican tradition increases by a base of {{green|+1}}. Various events can make a player choose between sacrificing tradition or suffering another negative consequence. Like legitimacy, republican tradition has linearly-scaling effects based on its level:
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