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General Tips
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==National Ideasideas==Iceland does not have any unique National Ideas national ideas and will simply inherit the National Ideas national ideas from the nation that forms it. If Iceland is, however, released as a vassal or formed by a nation that does not have unique National Ideas national ideas either, it will use the Generic National Idea generic national idea set.
==General Tipstips==
* Despite being small and poor, Iceland can still expand to become a mighty empire through the clever use of colonization.
** Iceland is geographically located closer to the Americas than any other European country. Simply build up enough ducats to finance the affair, pick the {{icon|exploration|28px}} [[Exploration idea group]], use it (and a Navigator advisor if needed) to reach Greenland, then use that as a springboard to reach Northern Canada. Once in the New World, move your capital to the continent, pick the {{icon|expansion|28px}} [[Expansion idea group]] to further increase your colonization capability, and you will be well on your way to building a great empire.
** Since you have so little starting development, you can very easily develop a province in the New World and then move your capital there, thus preventing any colonial nations from forming and allowing you to gain direct control of the territory you colonize.
* Watch the ongoing political situation in the British Isles, so as to avoid getting attacked. Given Iceland's meager starting economy and thus lackluster ability to defend itself, it is recommended to enter into an alliance with another stronger country like {{flag|England}} or {{flag|Scotland}}, to have someone to cover your back while you expand through colonization. Beware, however, of allying a nation that would make enemies out of your neighbors.
== Decision ==
{{flag|Iceland}} can form {{flag|Scandinavia}} as long as it has Nordic primary culture
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