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Before Discovery Age
Castile is in a prime position for colonization and receives great bonuses to doing so in its national ideas, making {{icon|Exploration}} [[Idea_groups#Exploration|Exploration]] ideas an excellent first choice. While waiting for the first [[Idea_groups|idea group]] to be unlocked, there are several things to occupy Castile in the Old World.
{{flag|Navarra}}, the single-province nation to the north of Castile, is a prime candidate for [[Vassal#Creating_a_vassal|vassalization]]. If Castile does not do it {{flag|France}} or {{flag|Aragon}} is almost certain to, and one or both of them are likely to be Castile's [[rival]]s. If {{icon|gc}} [[Golden Century]] is enabled, vassalizing Navarra will give Castile a free castle in the province, which could be useful to defend {{flag|France}} or {{flag|Aragon}}. Vassalizing Navarra requires increasing their [[opinion]] to {{green|+190}} faster than France or Aragon can; giving [[Diplomacy#Send_gift|gift]]s or [[Diplomacy#Give_subsidies|subsidies]] along with [[Diplomacy#Improve_relations|improving relations]] and [[Diplomacy#Great_Power_actions|influence Navarra]] should make it easy to do so. Navarra can be easily [[Vassal#Annexation|annexed]] after ten years, freeing up a diplomatic relations slot for other things. It can also be given French provinces should war break out between France and Castile, allowing more land to be taken with less [[aggressive expansion]] when it is annexed. Alternatively the The player can keep grant province Vizcaya to Navarra as a longterm colonizing vassal and grant it Vizcaya. Navarra then gains free core on England's Labourd. If Navarra has at least 5 transports Castile is allied to France, with some luck, they might be called into war against England, occupy Labourd and marketplace in Vizcaya, get it gains claims on Munster area in Ireland and then nice missions with permanent claims in Canada and increased colonial rangeseparate peace. This approach however requires some luck to Navarra As vassals do not choose ExplorationExplo/Expansion Expa idea groups, gaining enough trade power (which could it should be annexed. It can be achieved by feeding released later - if Navarra has a coastal province and is released in later game, it by Ireland provinces before England take them) will have Explo/Expa idea groups as 6th & 7th. Same case is for Leon and probably also subsidizing Asturias too (but Asturias cores are at this stage of game probably already gone) as all 3 nations has 1 national idea related to colonization. However there is usually not much land to be able to finance colonized at this stage of game. If that's not the colonists. Labourd branch of case, Navarra can be released - it has some nice missions is granting permanent with claims in France areaIreland and Canada which can be completed by its overlord.
Castile has the early mission [[Spanish_missions#Finish_the_Reconquista.21|Reclaim Andalucia]] for conquering {{flag|Granada}} early in the game. If Portugal has been allied, this should prove to be an easy fight, even if Granada has managed to ally {{flag|Tunis}} or {{flag|Morocco}}, taking some additional land in North Africa will help the player get a head start on completing the [[Spanish_missions|Continue Reconquista mission]]. If {{icon|gc}} [[Golden Century]] is enabled, Sunni provinces can be avoided by expelling minorities to your colonies.Finishing the Reclaim Andalucia mission will cause the [[Spanish_events#Fate_of_the_Kingdom_of_Granada|Fate of the Kingdom of Granada]] event to happen. One option in this event will covert all the provinces in Andalucia to the {{icon|Catholic}} Catholic Religion with the cost of 2 stability, allowing a player with {{icon|gc}} [[Golden Century]] to complete the [[Spanish_missions| Convert Iberia]] and [[Spanish_missions| Expel the Moriscos]] missions.

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