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Territories of Non-Member Nations
====Territories of Non-Member Nations====
Neumark, a core of {{Flag|Brandenburg}} and province of the Empire, starts under {{Flag|Teutonic Order}}'s control at the start. There is an event that can allow the TO to sell Neumark to {{flag|Brandenburg}}, but otherwise Brandenburg will usually get it via war. Brescia, a [[Venice|Venetian]] province, is also part of the Empire, and can usually be returned to {{flag|Milan}} should Austria go to war with {{flag|Venice}} to add their provinces to the Empire. Do note that since Brescia is already an HRE province, it does not need to be controlled to avoid [[the Shadow Kingdom]] event or to use the [[Rein in Northern Italy]] decision.
If the first Imperial Reform is passed, the Imperial Ban casus belli may be used to secure these provinces.

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