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Opening moves
Denmark will have the option to set {{flag|Novgorod}} as rival, and a good strategy to make sure you have more land and naval units than stronger {{flag|Sweden}} is to set {{flag|Novgorod}} as your rival and declare a war to them, however not sending your troops to fight and occupy land. The armies of {{flag|Norway}} and {{flag|Sweden}} will often be larger than the armies of {{flag|Novgorod}} and its possible allies, thus making a win inevitable. You can win the war without fighting a single battle yourself. {{flag|Norway}} and {{flag|Sweden}} will both lose some manpower in the war, which makes them want independence a lot less. Not only will you win a war with a rival with 100% [[warscore]], you will also make sure {{flag|Sweden}} will not have as much manpower as you do, thus making the country less likely to declare an independence war.
You should also consider annexing {{flag|Holstein}} as soon as possible as it will give you two more provinces and give up space for more diplomatic relations. If you manage to improve relations to enough level (improve, gift, subsidies, pay off debt) / royal marriage / hire statesman advisor (+1 diplomatic reputation) / placate local rulers (-10% liberty desire for -20 prestige) / influence nation, you can seize land (province Slesvig) from Holstein. It already has Danish core providing instance instant benefit while keeping the liberty desire <50% allowing its annexation.
It is highly recommended to start conquering the Baltic area: {{flag|Livonian Order}} and {{flag|Riga}}. This is something Denmark did historically as well. You can fabricate claim on the province of Ösel, for example, and thus declare war on the {{flag|Livonian Order}} or whichever country owns the province at the moment. {{flag|Livonian Order}} is usually allied with {{flag|Riga}}, so prepare to fight both countries. With {{flag|Norway}} and {{flag|Sweden}} fighting on your side, this should be relatively easy. You can also declare war on just {{flag|Riga}} in which case often the {{flag|Livonian Order}} as well as {{flag|Lübeck}} will join the war as allies. This war should also be relatively easy to win and it is highly recommended to make {{flag|Lübeck}} a [[vassal]] or annexing them, although annexing will often cause significant [[aggressive expansion]] and make several countries possibly join a [[coalition]] against you. That is why it is recommended to vassalise {{flag|Lübeck}} first and diplomatically annex them later on as your relations have improved.

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